Treadly is a new and unique treadmill that offers a minimalistic and lightweight design ideal for anyone who wants a treadmill that can be used and stored almost anywhere
Absolutely! We want everyone to enjoy Treadly and are offering a no-interest 6-12 month payment plan
We know that not everyone will absolutely love Treadly the way we do, if you want to return yours, we offer an easy 30-day return policy
We ship Treadly from 2 locations -- our New York facility and our Los Angeles facility
Yes, we offer 1-year phone and email support for free
Because of Treadly's minimalistic and lightweight design, the recommended weight limit is 220lb
No. The handrail is optional. Please note that for safety the speed will be limited without the handrail
There are two strips of infrared along the belt that tracks the position of your feet and adjusts the speed accordingly based on the 3 step location zones (slow, normal, fast)
No, Treadly arrives fully assembled. Just plug in the power outlet and start your workout
No. Treadly is built with a minimalist design approach. We wanted to keep Treadly very simple and functional
Absolutely! Treadly is designed to limit speed to 3.7 MPH without the handrail attached and 5 Mph with the attached handrail
No. The handrail is hydraulic, so all you need is a little pull and the handrail opens automatically
Workout time, steps and distance
Treadly utilizes patented technology and a compact motor that is very quiet and is is under 6 decibels
No, while the Treadly is lightweight and small we kept the belt size comparable to a regular treadmill
Treadly weighs 55lb and 64lb with the handrail attached
Treadly uses the 3 zone stepping technology that adjusts the speed based on the position of your run. Just walk/run toward the front to speed up, the back to slow down, and the middle to maintain your speed
Treadly's dimensions are 55” X 25” X 5”
Because we wanted to keep Treadly small and easy to move around, we decided to keep things simple. We kept only the most important functions of a traditional treadmill
Currently we are only shipping within the contiguous U.S.
we recommend you use your Treadly on a hard surface, such as hardwood, tile, or cement. while Treadly may function on a hard carpet, this is not the ideal surface to run your Treadly. As it is designed to be very minimalistic and easily stored the tread is very close to the ground and a carpet or run can cause added friction to the tread, as well as the tread my possibly leave marks on the carpet.